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A deep essence of understanding roots of the ancient cuisine is the major intent of this blog. Acknowledging scientific grounds of the Indian cuisine especially in these times like the global pandemic has become the utmost important thing for a healthy lifestyle.

This blog not only focuses on the base existence of the cuisine but also complements the cultural mix which changed many aspects of the Indian cuisine.

Indian Food

The Indian Art of Cuisine
The balanced quantities and the use of variety of spices without disturbing the original benefits of the the main food item is what makes the Indian cuisine an art. 
Geographically, India is a very diversified country which consists of desert, snowy regions, plains and mountains. Cultural mixture results in varied food choices. Moreover, the availability of the food items changes in every region.

For instance, northern part of the country is much more colder than other regions. Simply, the adaptability of change owing to the natural demands. The snowy regions of Kashmir demands to have a high body heat, which is gained from adding some ghee ( clarified butter) in day to day food. The Noon Chai of Kashmir is the basic example one can have which includes a lot of spices and good amount of ghee in it. 
Whereas the scenario is complete different in the middle and southern part of the country. The Maharashtrian cuisine is incomplete without the usage of wheat, bajra, lentils, rice. The basic staples also consist of adding peanuts or cashews to the recipe. 
Finally, the south region will introduce us to the thousand ways of using coconut as their base ingredient.

This can only be considered as the first step in knowing the art of ancient delicacies.


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